Our outside area is more than a playground. It is a staging post for a variety of learning activities. There is a shaded corner with tables is where children eat their lunch. Children love eating outdoors, but more importantly the ceremonial lunch event is used as a lesson to learn how to eat properly; using a fork, spoon, using napkins and sit properly. Tricycles also cater to the needs of children to exercise and develop large motor skills. 

Our playground is currently being redeveloped so it looks a little sparse. Our apologies. 


Playground view

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During summer children enjoy water play, courtesy of an inflatable pool. This is a great experience for children and is always a favorite activity. Children also paint, use chalk and do other different activities for their fine motor skills. The large sandbox takes a center stage. It is a safe environment for children to play, cushioning for their falls and giving them the freedom to explore and experiment. The large climber and slide in the center play a vital part in developing upper body strength, gross motor skills and eye hand coordination. The playhouse is in the corner of the sandbox for dramatic play.

   In 2012 we also constructed a mini garden to grow flowers and vegetables. This way the children get hands on experience on how vegetables and flowers grow. They can observe the little bee's than come pollinate the flowers, understand the process of planting, how to add fertilizer, take turns watering and care for the plant. The Kids love planting and watching the various vegetables come to life. In addition to teaching them about the plants and healthy food choices, the plants imbue to playground with a sense of tranquility.



Serenity Garden, Sand Pit, Playhouse. Climber and slider,  Play snake, Tricycles, Shovels, Assorted toys, Outdoor chalk, Water Play Table, Mini basketball, Lunch table